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Windhull and Tree Catch were two large, temporary, sculptural pieces created during the artist in residence program in ICCA in Inverness on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 2017.
To create these sculptures I used fallen trees from the grounds and locally salvaged construction materials.
The trees’s natural forms were extended with human-intervened trees; wooden slats and molding strips worked as branch appendages to create skeletal, upended boat shapes. The fields of space between the branches and and ribs of the vessels was caught with sheets of reclaimed glass and plexiglass windowpanes.
The sculptures were meant to slowly degrade in their spots, but did not last for more than a few weeks. Shortly after my departure a mini hurricane swept the sculptures back into nature.

mixed media (reclaimed construction materials)
6 x 6 x 26 feet
Wind Hull
mixed materials
6 x 6 x 26'
site specific outdoor sculpture
mixed materials
5 x 6 x 24'
Tree Catch
Mixed materials