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'Soft reactions' is a site specific and site responsive work at I-Park Connecticut created during my residency there in October 2023.
It is a tong in cheek piece, really, consisting of multiples of the letters "A" and "O" made in industrial wool felt. The letters are attached to a fallen tree in a beautiful spot in the park, commenting on their neighbor; another dead tree that started to come down, but incredibly enough, stopped mid fall. Standing there, feels like being in a place where time was halted. When first seeing it, I felt a huge urge to make something there to honor this spot. But it was important too, to not overwhelm it. And so, coexisting softly with the scene, the neutral colors of the felt letters blend in with the tree trunk. And the linear arrangement of the letters mimics rows of tree mushrooms, while expressing the awe; the "ooo's" and "aaa's" of being there.